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Ask for help from a professional tax consultant in the Netherlands

When you start working or studying in a foreign country, a lot has to happen before you can actually go. At Witlox Tax Advice, they are aware of this. This is why they don’t just offer their services as a tax consultant – their services hold everything you need when you start working or studying in the Netherlands.

Various services for expats coming to work or study in the Netherlands

First, they help you figure out your living situation when you are still abroad. Their consultants help you with house hunting to make sure you find a place to live near work or campus. You also need your work permit, visa and/or school enrolment before you can actually start living in the Netherlands. Every expat that wanted to come to the Netherlands and has experienced the service of a tax consultant from Witlox International Tax Advice, is very happy that actually asked for help. When you have worked or studied in the Netherlands and are obliged to fill out your taxes here, then a tax consultant of this company will help you figure out which advantageous rulings apply to your situation. In this way, you will have a higher net income than when you simply fill out the regular forms.  

Have your taxes sorted in an orderly fashion

Every tax consultant who works at Witlox International Tax Advice in the Netherlands, thinks a personal approach to taxes is the best approach. Hence why you are guaranteed of a reliable and professional service when you trust your expat taxing to these experts. Whether you have recently moved to the Netherlands or if you have been living here for a few years, every tax consultant from Witlox International Tax Advice is willing to help you get your taxes in order! Make sure to contact these experts now.